Get to know us.

High-tech solutions

ACCS is a contractor specializing in the integration of high-performance technologies in existing buildings as well as in new construction projects. Its creativity is based on the development of highly targeted technical solutions.

A company geared towards experience

ACCS controls all the mechanical systems in order to streamline the operation of the buildings, and ensures that every occupant can evolve in a healthy and comfortable environment. ACCS’s teams also believe in the power of artificial intelligence and the ways it can serve humans.

Responsible heating, ventilation,
air conditioning and lighting

If you care about the environment and have energy efficiency at heart, you have come to the right place! Our optimal control of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting equipment allows significant energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

A team that combines today's
and future talents

ACCS takes pride in its top-level future oriented multidisciplinary team. We meet today’s customers’ expectations while anticipating their future needs. We have all the resources you need to fuel your ambitions.

Numbers that speak for themselves.

100 +
31 years
of advanced expertise
4500 +
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We are Cool, Kind and Smart

We highly value social skills, and we believe that positive vibes, peer support and kindness are the key to do well and excel. That’s how the craziest projects are born!

We play as a team

We believe that teamwork is more efficient when you are having fun, because it unlocks an inexhaustible source of creativity and innovation. From one idea to the next, we are constantly progressing. Develop your career and your skills in good company!

What is important
to you is important
to us.

Your health above all

We offer a complete group insurance plan, and our gym is open 7 days a week to help you stay in shape.

Never stop learning

We strongly encourage our employees to gain additional knowledge according to their professional interests. To this end, we offer different training opportunities like training sessions, mentoring and coaching.

A full social life

Among colleagues or with your family members, we offer a wide range of activities to strengthen the bonds, recognize efforts and achievements and create unforgettable memories!

Whether you are newly graduated or someone with experience, come take up new challenges with ACCS!