ACCS accompanies the buildings over time.

Founded in 1992 by André Cardin and Christian Savard, ACCS has established itself as a leader in building intelligence solutions for the commercial, institutional and industrial building sectors.

ACCS takes totally or partially over its customers operational needs and aims to enhance the energy performance and the occupants’ comfort.

The automation, integration and optimization services offered by ACCS provide a better global management of the buildings and an exceptional experience for the operators and users, whether they are customers, owners, tenants or visitors, etc.

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Let's have a look at our philosophy.

Our mission

We transform buildings into living spaces that are connected and eco-friendly, and that offer a memorable experience for everybody. It is our way of taking care of the people and the environment!

Our vision

We develop building intelligence by integrating and leveraging technology, so that the building owners and managers can own these best practices and value their spaces.

Our values

Soft skills

We always give our best, and we always remain positive, kind and relevant, no matter the place or the circumstances. We always take the time to watch and listen in order to provide our customers with the best advice and to anticipate their needs.

Partnership spirit

Our goal is to establish an authentic and long-lasting business relationship based on the pleasure of working together as a team. To this end, we establish a constructive work environment and we use the best resources to deliver results.

The art of reinventing

Our cutting-edge expertise enables us to implement new strategies and achieve distinctive and challenging projects. Innovation is our driving force, and we make sure that all our customers can benefit from personalized and value-driven solutions.
ACCS Boardroom

We are surrounded
the best people.

ACCS is a collective brain of over 90 people. Every day, engineers, integration and networking experts, programmers, electricians and technicians are mobilized to satisfy our customers.

Qualified and proactive, all our professionals are committed to carrying out impeccable projects and ensuring an outstanding experience for the end users and the building occupants.

Committed leaders.

We have gathered a team of professionals with complementary profiles whose willingness, expertise and experience ensure the success and the continuity of the company. Each one contributes to the success and the evolution of the industry.

Simon Fournier, President

An adventurer at heart, Simon has always shown the way in the different aspects of his life. His entrepreneurial skills, his team spirit and his extensive knowledge of the building world have brought him to lead ACCS. Simon carries the company’s values and guides its development. As a specialist in construction engineering and energy efficiency, buildings have always been his main playground, and a place where there is always room for innovation and endless ways to do things.

His mission: To build the future of the company with his partners and innovate
His strengths: Perseverance, determination and willingness


Catherine Roy-Cardin,
Vice-President Sales

A woman of business and influence, Catherine has been working in the energy and construction sector for nearly 17 years. A natural communicator and extrovert, she is able to build lasting business relationships and mobilize the strengths of her network to develop high value-added projects. Catherine identifies clients' needs, understands their expectations and guides the technical solutions development teams. She is proud to have taken over from her father, André Cardin.

Her mission: To ensure the customers’ full satisfaction and the well-being of her colleagues
Her strengths: Interpersonal communication, analytical skills and determination

Dominic Boudrias,
Vice President Operations

Dominic knows the world of construction and building electricity inside and out, with over 19 years of experience in this field. Responsible for the company's operational strategy, he takes care of the technical teams and ensures that projects run smoothly on the job sites. Dominic is a seasoned manager who ensures that deadlines and budgets are respected.

His mission: To meet the commitments and make sure that every project is impeccable
His strengths: Leadership, interpersonal skills and discipline


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