Operational and energy optimization.

ACCS offers personalized operational and energy optimization support services in accordance with the technologies in place in the buildings. Our expertise on many control products, in electromechanical and in energy efficiency provides our customers with a complete and worry-free support.

Remote services that are 100% efficient

Remote consulting

In case of urgent issues, failures or major discomfort, our experts are available to review the operational status of the systems. Based on their observations, they can correct the parameters or recommend an on-site intervention by one of our technicians. Our 24/7 remote consulting services offer peace of mind to building managers.

Remote monitoring

Our active monitoring of electromechanical equipment allows us to offer another level of remote service. This programmed support service helps maintain operational and energy performance, save on costs and extend the life of the equipment. With this approach, it is possible to anticipate technical problems and reduce the number of failures. We also issue a detailed remote monitoring report that documents all our interventions.

Remote maintenance

ACCS stands out by offering remote maintenance services for the control systems. First, we begin with a preparatory phone call or a virtual meeting in order to establish the daily priorities and the tasks to be performed. The remote maintenance allows the operators to get used to the user interface, and gives us the chance to answer questions and review the systems’ global functionalities. The meeting ends with the issuing of a report containing our observations and recommendations.

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Maintenance and repair visits

We offer an on-site maintenance service for the control systems, the mechanical equipment and the electrical installations. We also offer the repair or the replacement of the faulty equipment on-site. In both cases, we collaborate closely with the technical teams to find solutions as soon as possible.

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Analytical and artificial intelligence services

The implementation of artificial intelligence in buildings aims to reduce the human time spent on data analysis and provide decision support tools. ACCS developed a structured approach that enables the valorization of the data associated with the use of electromechanical equipment, the energy consumption and the comfort.

First, the building requires some preparation before it can benefit from artificial intelligence. That begins with a standardized and enhanced database. Then, ACCS applies algorithms that aim to continuously improve and measure the results. We also issue a review report containing health memos on the equipment’s condition, recommendations and other visualization graphics that are adapted for building managers and operators.

The implementation of artificial intelligence enables the achievement of operational and financial excellence without compromising the comfort of the occupants, and while honouring sustainable development commitments.

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Other expertise.

Energy services

Many factors can affect the operation of the equipment and impact the energy consumption. Our recommissioning professionals correct the operating system settings, providing an improvement of the overall performance of the buildings. ACCS also assists its customers in obtaining grants from the various existing programs (Transition Énergétique Québec, Fonds Écoleader).

Electrical services

We offer a wide range of electrical services that meet all the needs of property owners and managers. In addition to being experts in HVAC control, our electricians install energy meters for sub-measuring purposes and conduct thermographic inspections. They can also conduct the conversion of interior lighting to LED technology and install reloading terminals for electric vehicles.

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