The integration platform,
the building's brain.

ACCS stands out in the market by offering integration services that require extraordinary know-how and expertise. 17 years ago, we chose to use the Niagara Framework® Tridium open management platform Tridium open management platform from Niagara Framework®.s Tridium open management platform, allowing our clients to connect all building systems and benefit from a universal language.

Building management platform

Why choose an open platform?

We implement a highly secure software platform that provides a harmonious cohabitation and synergies between the HVAC control, the lighting, the security, the elevator management and the smart parking systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

Give your building a new dimension by implementing a powerful and evolving platform.

The multiple benefits of integration


Benefit from a management tool that centralizes all the data on a single and fully secure web interface.


Check the status of all the building or building complexes systems in real time anywhere, on your tablet or your phone.


Manage alarms and schedules, and access history in a few clicks.


Gain operational efficiency with the personalized dashboards.


Expand your horizons towards the technologies of the future.

We carried out several integration projects in office towers, data centres, sports centres, hotels and shopping centres.

ACCS, technology integrator
and a partner you can trust.

Our team supports and guides you through your technological choices in accordance with your needs and objectives. Therefore, we help you build a coherent and efficient environment, while ensuring the interoperability of the products and the standardization of the data.

Our connectivity and technology specialists perfectly master the polyvalent and evolving management platform. We install and support compatible open protocol systems (Echelon LonWorks, BACnet, TCP\IP, Modbus, Ethernet, SNMP, etc.) as well as older generations proprietary protocol systems (Metasys N2, COMx1,2,3, Smart, etc.).

We establish for you all the rules that will allow the collaboration between the different implemented control products (addressing, histories, standardization of control points, alarms and schedules, etc.). Then, we develop cross-interaction strategies between the connected equipment.

Start-up technician in front of a control panel

All our integration projects
technology include :

+ Requirements analysis

+ Engineering

+ Programming and integration

+ Installation and start-up

+ Training of technical staff

Building intelligence in three dimensions.

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